Are the home theater chairs shipped assembled? Will the theater seats fit in a car if I pick them up?

January 25th, 2018

We get asked about how the movie theater chairs are shipped, and about the size of shipments and if a customer who chooses to pick up the chairs at one of the warehouses, about how much room do they need in their vehicle.

Here is some information that will help answer those questions.

First, standard movie theater seats are always shipped partially assembled. They are not shipped assembled, they are not all put together. As that would take up way too much room.

On average a shipment of 10 to 12 standard movie theater chairs, or less, will usually will fit on 1 pallet.

Used movie theater seats, again, standard theater seating, not movie theater recliners, are palletized for shipment. Or you may be able to come to one of the warehouses and pick them, and thus save on shipping.

Here is the answer that we provided to a customer who was coming to the warehouse to pick up 3 standard used theater seats. He asked…..

“Quick question, are the 3 chairs attached together, or can they be packed in a car individually?
I don’t have a pick-up truck, just a regular (open top) car. Can the chairs be placed individually inside the car then re-attached as a row of three?”

Here is the answer that we sent him….
1 row of 3 chairs will be made up of …
3 seat backs
3 seat bottoms
4 legs
They will be partially assembled.
The backs will all be put together.
The seat bottoms will all be put together.
The leg with its armrest will all be put together.
So you will have to attach the backs and seat bottoms to the legs.
The hardware to attach the backs and seat bottoms to the legs is included.
The hardware to attach the chairs to your floor is not.
So you can easily fit 3 backs, 3 seats and 4 legs into a cars back seat, or empty trunk.

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Connection between a Movie Studios decision and used theater seating supplies.

January 8th, 2014

The connection between a Movie Studios decision and used theater seating supplies.

For a few years now, movie studios have been saying that, in the future, they will only distribute their new film releases digitally (no more physical film).

Well the future is now. A couple of the movie studios will only be distributing digital movies to the theaters starting  January 2014. [Source: ]

This decision to distribute new releases only digitally, is having a rippling effect, that includes the amount of the used theater seating supply in the marketplace.

It goes something like this: Multiplex movie theaters must convert their analog projectors to digital projectors. Digital movie projectors start at about $40,000 USD each, and could easily cost as much as double that, depending on the projector.

Now imagine you are a small four-plex movie theater in a rural USA location.

You don’t have the $200,000 to invest in the new digital projectors. So, the theater goes up for sale, (this is happening all across America, by-the-way) and the new owners who buy the theater are then faced with the $200,000 projector bill. They are not buying chairs, now are they? Demand drops.

But what if the theater is not purchased and there is no new owners who can foot the bill for the digital movie projectors?

Then the salvage companies come in. Salvage companies strip the building of anything valuable. The screens, audio systems, analog projectors (still in use in other countries) and yes the used theater seating.

Salvage guys want a quick flip. They liquidate the used theater seating. On the positive side consumers are able to purchase the seating at deep discount prices. But on the negative side these salvage guys are not in the used theater seating business, at least not long term. Many of these salvage companies do not pay attention to quality, customer service or backing up their product, especially in the future.

The old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true with buying used theater chairs from a salvage company.

In contrast, provides quality used theater seating, exceptional customer service, and very competitive pricing. All used theater seating sold by is inspected for no tears, no rips, nothing broken, or unusable. The customer service is worth mentioning, because should you ever need additional chairs, or need to change your row configuration, or need expert advice on how to install, seating layout, line of sight issues, or theater seating arrangements, an experienced company with knowledge of the used theater seats will become invaluable.

After the dust settles and all the first run movie theaters in America have converted to digital projectors, the salvage guys with their used chairs will have come and gone. However established used theater seating companies, such as Wholesale Theater Seating .com will still be around, continuing to provide exceptional customer service. – Wil Kovacs

Used or New Theater seats for your home theater or auditorium?

May 14th, 2010

With today’s economy, it is practical to consider all of your options when shopping for theater seating. Used theater seating, will be, no doubt less money than brand new theater seating. Many times used theater seating is half the price of new theater seating. So why not choose used theater seats? Well, ‘used’ means that the movie chairs can show some signs of wear, used theater seats usually come with only a 30-day warranty, and they come in the color that they are in, in other words you do not get to choose your fabric color, it is already decided for you.
So let’s talk about these concerns. “Signs of wear”: when purchasing used theater seats always ask the seller, what is the condition of the theater seating? If there are scratches, where are they? How bad are they? Scuff marks on plastic theater seating rear-of-back shells can easily have their appearance lessened by applying a plastic / vinyl protestant such as Armor All®. Scratches on metal legs or seat pans can be touched up with paint, or repainted entirely. Reading these fishing kayak reviews, you will know how to choose the right kayak.
“Soiled fabric”: Fabric can be cleaned; in fact, some used theater seat cushion bottom covers can actually be easily removed and simply placed in a machine clothes washer for cleaning. You definitely do not want a used theater seat that has any rips or tears in the fabric.
‘Fabric color choice’: The color that the seller got the chairs in is usually the only color you can get. So it may be prudent to order some ‘attic stock’ theater seating, to keep as spares. Remember theater seats last a long time, 15 years at least. So who knows if you might have to replace a cushion 10 years from now? Matching fabric again in the future can be near impossible.
So those are some of the things that are good to consider when deciding if you should go with new or used theater seats.
New seats come with a 5-year warranty, you can choose your fabric color from 50+ colors, and you can choose the height, width, and armrest preferences.
If you want to see what used theater chairs are available visit:
And if you would like to see some of the new theater seating models for sale, see:

Home Theater Seating Layout – Tight spaces

March 12th, 2010

Home Theater Seating Layout – Tight spaces

Generally, back to back spacing of theater chairs run about 38 to 40-inches in most cinemas.
That’s from the back of one chair (say in the front row) to the back of the chair behind it (in the second row).
Now if your home theater room is small, can you have a tighter back to back spacing? The simple answer is, yes.
The critical dimensions that need to be taken into consideration are the depth of the chair and the ‘egress space’.
The depth of the chair is expressed 2 ways. The ‘seat up envelope’ and the ‘seat down envelope’.
(Remember we are talking about real movie theater / cinema seating here, the type of seating with flip-up seat bottom cushions, and (often) cup holder armrests.)
So, the seat up envelope is the depth of the chair with the seat up, when no one is sitting in it.
A typical seat up envelope is 27 inches. And in actuality, it is not the leading edge of the seat bucket that is the farthest most point when measuring the seat up envelope, but rather it is the front edge of the armrests, especially if there is a cup holder on the end of the armrest.
The seat down envelope is typically around 29 inches.
The egress is recommended to be at least 12 inches. In fact California public theaters (California has some of the strictest Fire Codes in the United States) requires a minimum of a 12 inch egress / space, in between the front edge of the theater seat (seat up) and the back of the chair in front of it.
27″ + 12″ = 39 inches. Sometimes, you just need the best crossbow for the money on the market.
So since the 12 inch egress dimension should not be any smaller, then you need to look for a model of theater seating that offers a smaller seat up envelope.
Take a look at the Galaxy and the Cinema Star rocking theater seats.
The Galaxy in a 40 ½” back height has a 25 1/8″ seat up envelope. So, 25 1/8″ + 12″ = 37 1/8″ minimum back-to-back spacing.
The Cinema Star in a 40 ½” back height has a 24 3/16″ seat up envelope. So, 24 3/6″ + 12″ = 36 3/6″ minimum back-to-back spacing. That’s great.
Now take a look at the Optima fixed back. No cup holder and only a 21″ set up envelope.
The Optima in a 32 ½” back height has a 21″ seat up envelope. So, 21″ + 12″ = 33″ minimum back-to-back spacing.
So just in these three models there is a back-to-back spacing range between 33″ and 37 1/8″.
Also remember that if your back row of seating has a wall behind it, you will need clearance for a rocking chair to move back, to accommodate the rocking motion, 5 to 6 inches is usually enough. (The Galaxy and Cinema Star actually feature an adjustable rocker mechanism, allowing you to manually adjust the chair to rock anywhere from 2 to 6 inches, back and forth.) A fixed back chair (Like the Optima, Smart or Festival chairs) only need about 2 inches of clearance behind them and the wall. Yes the fixed back chairs do not rock back per se, they do flex a bit, depending on the weight of the person sitting in the chair.
Take a look at the Tools Page of Celebrity Seating to learn more about this critical back to back spacing dimension. This dimension needs to be considered in determining your seating layout especially a tight for space theater room.
Of course if you can increase that 12” egress then you will get more legroom, and you won’t have to get up when the person sitting next to you needs to get by you. – Wil Kovacs

Home theater seating. High back or low back chairs?

March 11th, 2010

That’s a great question.
High back theater chairs (40 to 44 inch tall chairs, measured from the floor to the top of the chairs back) gives you shoulder, neck and head support. But… if you are audio purist, they can blur your sound quality.
Low back theater chairs (32 to 38 inch tall chairs, measured from the floor to the top of the chairs back) allow you to listen to every speaker channel, from every direction. No chair back to ‘block’ the sound.
Low backs are also great for level floors with ‘line of sight’ concerns. Your screen can be the lowest.
But if you have a sloped floor, or better yet risers A.K.A. steps / decking… well the high backs line of sight issues are all but over come. Plus the audio can be adjusted for those high back theater seats. Yes the rear channels are still being, somewhat, blocked, but comfort needs to be considered, and a ‘balance’ needs to found. sells both types. Factory direct. Real movie theater seating made to order in just 10 days.

Best Color Choice for Home Theater Seating

March 1st, 2010

What color should the home theater seating be? I have been selling home theater seats since 2002. (Let me be more specific here, I have been selling real movie theater cinema seats and chairs to the home theater market since 2002.)
So… guess what color outsells all others 10 to 1?
Drum roll please…. Black. Yep. Black.
Why? Well “black goes with everything”. This is so true. Black theater seats go with a red themed home theater, and green themed home theater, and a brown themed home theater… you get the idea. And what if 10 years from now the homeowner wants to change the color scheme of their home theater? (Real theater chairs easily last up to 30 years.) Or if the home theater owners sell their house and the new owners are not crazy about that blue Avatar themed theater, well those black seats will look great in that ‘new’ home theater. What’s the second most favorite color? Red. A dark red, or ‘theater red’, as I call it. Plus many people buy their chairs by shopping online (Check out: and ) and trying to pick a shade of green, or blue using your computer monitor is near impossible. So what to do? Buy black. Black is black. When you take your black chairs out of the box, guess what? That black will be exactly the color you imagined.
Now with that all being said… there are several ways to put accents of color on your black chairs. You can wrap the theater chairs’ armrests with fabric, you can upholster end panels with fabric, and you can even put a fabric accent on the top of the chair’s back, as a headrest cover. These fabrics can contain the colors of your carpet, walls, etc. Tying in your chairs with the rest of the room. So there you have it. My two cents on chair color.
-By Wil Kovacs

HOME THEATER SEATING from Radio City Music Hall in NYC

February 22nd, 2010

I have seen these chairs going for over $600 each.
It is hard to even imagine all of the famous performers who appeared at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall in the last 60+ years. The chairs are fully refurbished, and gorgeous.
There are only a few hundred left, and obviously once they are gone their gone.Check it out:
the Authentic NYC Radio Music Hall theater seating is going for $359 each delivered! ($679 for a set).
This home theater seating is one offering of many: See…
Other used and refurbished real theatre seating for use as home theater seating.
A Certificate of Authenticity (COA), is provided by the professional restorers, and it comes with every New York City’s Radio City Music Hall chair. Call with questions! (727) 798-6949

Real movie theater seating vs. leather recliners for use in your home theater

February 16th, 2010

Real movie theater seating vs. leather recliners.
Okay, few people would argue that you can take a nap easier in a leather recliner that in a real movie theater seat. So why then would anyone in their right mind want movie theater chairs instead of big comfy recliners in their home theater? I would love to hear a discussion. What do YOU think?
Here are a few points that I can think of…
Both real movie theater seating and leather recliner chairs have their place in the home theater market, whether one is a better choice over the other, is completely up to you. Some people want to take naps in their home theater. Great, sounds good to me… but what if instead, what you really wanted was a actual theater, yep, an honest-to-goodness theater (albeit on a smaller scale than that of your neighborhood cinema) in your very own home? Well, then you have gotta go with real theater chairs! You open the door to your room, and tada, there is a THEATER in your house. How cool is that? And, yes you can have the popcorn maker, the candy case, the movie posters… but I’m telling you, the rows of real theater seats make the room!
Also another great point is that you can FIT MORE seats (in-other-words, PEOPLE) in a seating area with real movie cinema style seats. Great for the Super Bowl party, or Oscar night or any get-together with the guys, the girls, the family, the christian louboutin, the neighbors, the more the merrier.
Comfort? Well, they may not recline flat, but many of today’s modern, state-of-the-art theater chairs do rock back and forth, have lift up cup holder armrests, and center cushions on the center legs, providing a nice love-seat effect. This is the best trampoline guide for beginners to choose the right one.
So they are comfortable. Plus remember, they were designed, from the very start, to view and listen to, movies in. (Lower back theater seats reduce audio blurring.)
On top of all that, real movie theater chairs cost less than a recliner. Well let me rephrase that, sells real commercial grade theater seats for much less than a recliner.
Okay, I had to get my plug in.
So I am serious, I would love to hear from the home theater enthusiasts out there, what are your likes and dislikes? You know some people actually put BOTH types of seating in their home theaters. The leather recliners for Mom and Dad, and the movie chairs for the kids. Kids love to play video games on the big screen of their home theaters and sitting in comfortable real movie theater seats make the experience all the better.

Cinema Star Rocker Theater Seating

February 11th, 2010

Brand new, real theater seating. These chairs have been designed with movie viewing in mind. Perfect for Cinemas, Theaters, Performing Arts Centers, Screening Rooms, Media Centers, and as Home Theater Seating. The generous widths (22-inch, 23-inch, or 24-inch), provides spacious comfort. The back heights (40.5-inch or 42-inch) provides support for shoulders and neck. Scratch and dent resistant poly rear-of-back panel and seat bucket. Commercial grade upholstered on the chairs back and seat cushion. (We strive to keep Black and Scarlet Red (a darker red) upholstery fabric in stock at all times). The cup holder located in the armrest provides a convenient place to keep your drinks close at hand. Decorative aisle / end panels are available.

The elegance and graceful design of the Cinema Star Rocker makes this classic line a very popular choice for theatergoers. This model of chairs evokes a relaxed and easy-going quality with its flawless lines and pleasing curves. The Cinema Star Rocker is one of our all-time best sellers. Sit back with a cold soda, some hot popcorn and enjoy your favorite movie in this ergonomically engineered for comfort, cinema chair.

Factory direct theater seating that’s open to the public.

February 11th, 2010

Plus we specialize in small orders, and all of our home theater seating comes with a 5-year warranty!

That´s right. Get new, freshly made from the factory, real Celebrity Seating theater seats and chairs for your theater project! Turnaround time is JUST 10 business days! You gotta love it! Need a few theater chairs for home theater seating? Need 50 theater seats for your presentation room or media center? Need a quantity of 500 theater seating for your auditorium? Not a problem, free quotes on any size order. Wholesale theater seating prices, factory direct to you. These real movie theater seats are chairs DESIGNED for movie viewing. From the one of the WORLD´S LEADING THEATER SEATING MANUFACTURER, Celebrity Seating!