Real movie theater seating vs. leather recliners for use in your home theater

Real movie theater seating vs. leather recliners.
Okay, few people would argue that you can take a nap easier in a leather recliner that in a real movie theater seat. So why then would anyone in their right mind want movie theater chairs instead of big comfy recliners in their home theater? I would love to hear a discussion. What do YOU think?
Here are a few points that I can think of…
Both real movie theater seating and leather recliner chairs have their place in the home theater market, whether one is a better choice over the other, is completely up to you. Some people want to take naps in their home theater. Great, sounds good to me… but what if instead, what you really wanted was a actual theater, yep, an honest-to-goodness theater (albeit on a smaller scale than that of your neighborhood cinema) in your very own home? Well, then you have gotta go with real theater chairs! You open the door to your room, and tada, there is a THEATER in your house. How cool is that? And, yes you can have the popcorn maker, the candy case, the movie posters… but I’m telling you, the rows of real theater seats make the room!
Also another great point is that you can FIT MORE seats (in-other-words, PEOPLE) in a seating area with real movie cinema style seats. Great for the Super Bowl party, or Oscar night or any get-together with the guys, the girls, the family, the christian louboutin, the neighbors, the more the merrier.
Comfort? Well, they may not recline flat, but many of today’s modern, state-of-the-art theater chairs do rock back and forth, have lift up cup holder armrests, and center cushions on the center legs, providing a nice love-seat effect. This is the best trampoline guide for beginners to choose the right one.
So they are comfortable. Plus remember, they were designed, from the very start, to view and listen to, movies in. (Lower back theater seats reduce audio blurring.)
On top of all that, real movie theater chairs cost less than a recliner. Well let me rephrase that, sells real commercial grade theater seats for much less than a recliner.
Okay, I had to get my plug in.
So I am serious, I would love to hear from the home theater enthusiasts out there, what are your likes and dislikes? You know some people actually put BOTH types of seating in their home theaters. The leather recliners for Mom and Dad, and the movie chairs for the kids. Kids love to play video games on the big screen of their home theaters and sitting in comfortable real movie theater seats make the experience all the better.

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