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Are the home theater chairs shipped assembled? Will the theater seats fit in a car if I pick them up?

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

We get asked about how the movie theater chairs are shipped, and about the size of shipments and if a customer who chooses to pick up the chairs at one of the warehouses, about how much room do they need in their vehicle.

Here is some information that will help answer those questions.

First, standard movie theater seats are always shipped partially assembled. They are not shipped assembled, they are not all put together. As that would take up way too much room.

On average a shipment of 10 to 12 standard movie theater chairs, or less, will usually will fit on 1 pallet.

Used movie theater seats, again, standard theater seating, not movie theater recliners, are palletized for shipment. Or you may be able to come to one of the warehouses and pick them, and thus save on shipping.

Here is the answer that we provided to a customer who was coming to the warehouse to pick up 3 standard used theater seats. He asked…..

“Quick question, are the 3 chairs attached together, or can they be packed in a car individually?
I don’t have a pick-up truck, just a regular (open top) car. Can the chairs be placed individually inside the car then re-attached as a row of three?”

Here is the answer that we sent him….
1 row of 3 chairs will be made up of …
3 seat backs
3 seat bottoms
4 legs
They will be partially assembled.
The backs will all be put together.
The seat bottoms will all be put together.
The leg with its armrest will all be put together.
So you will have to attach the backs and seat bottoms to the legs.
The hardware to attach the backs and seat bottoms to the legs is included.
The hardware to attach the chairs to your floor is not.
So you can easily fit 3 backs, 3 seats and 4 legs into a cars back seat, or empty trunk.

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