Connection between a Movie Studios decision and used theater seating supplies.

The connection between a Movie Studios decision and used theater seating supplies.

For a few years now, movie studios have been saying that, in the future, they will only distribute their new film releases digitally (no more physical film).

Well the future is now. A couple of the movie studios will only be distributing digital movies to the theaters starting  January 2014. [Source: ]

This decision to distribute new releases only digitally, is having a rippling effect, that includes the amount of the used theater seating supply in the marketplace.

It goes something like this: Multiplex movie theaters must convert their analog projectors to digital projectors. Digital movie projectors start at about $40,000 USD each, and could easily cost as much as double that, depending on the projector.

Now imagine you are a small four-plex movie theater in a rural USA location.

You don’t have the $200,000 to invest in the new digital projectors. So, the theater goes up for sale, (this is happening all across America, by-the-way) and the new owners who buy the theater are then faced with the $200,000 projector bill. They are not buying chairs, now are they? Demand drops.

But what if the theater is not purchased and there is no new owners who can foot the bill for the digital movie projectors?

Then the salvage companies come in. Salvage companies strip the building of anything valuable. The screens, audio systems, analog projectors (still in use in other countries) and yes the used theater seating.

Salvage guys want a quick flip. They liquidate the used theater seating. On the positive side consumers are able to purchase the seating at deep discount prices. But on the negative side these salvage guys are not in the used theater seating business, at least not long term. Many of these salvage companies do not pay attention to quality, customer service or backing up their product, especially in the future.

The old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true with buying used theater chairs from a salvage company.

In contrast, provides quality used theater seating, exceptional customer service, and very competitive pricing. All used theater seating sold by is inspected for no tears, no rips, nothing broken, or unusable. The customer service is worth mentioning, because should you ever need additional chairs, or need to change your row configuration, or need expert advice on how to install, seating layout, line of sight issues, or theater seating arrangements, an experienced company with knowledge of the used theater seats will become invaluable.

After the dust settles and all the first run movie theaters in America have converted to digital projectors, the salvage guys with their used chairs will have come and gone. However established used theater seating companies, such as Wholesale Theater Seating .com will still be around, continuing to provide exceptional customer service. – Wil Kovacs