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Wholesale Theater Seating Tools

Check out the many tools and helps regarding many aspects of theater seating layout, installation, construction, etc.
Whether you need to layout your home theater seating, or a auditorium for a commercial theater seating project, these helps and links will make your life a little easier. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have what-so-ever.
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Interested in learning the basics of theater seating area layout? Determining row lengths, seat spacing, and seat placement. Below are a few tools / help to get you started.

Determining distance from screen.

How far the theater seats should / need to be from the screen. elevator shoes

Screen to theater seating distance & Riser height CALCULATOR

Determine the best size theater screen CALCULATOR Page 1
and see: Determine the best size theater screen CALCULATOR Page 2

How to build a theater seating riser platform

Although we at Celebrity Seating use several sources for the commercial grade fabric upholstery for our new, used and refurbished theater seats, one fabric source that we use quite often is Tempo Mills' world class Cancun fabric line. Real commercial grade fabrics. Durable, yet comfortable new theater seating woven fabric upholstery.
Fabric specs are available. Please call.
Click on the links below to see pictures of the various theater seating upholstery avaiable on our new made-to-order theater seats.

Distance from the screen to the front row of seats new theater seating Home Theater

Theater Seating Fabric Choices

Click on the links below to see pictures of:

Link: Cancun fabric line, upholstery colors and choices for our the new Alessandria theater seating.

Link: The Sherpa and Shire fabric line. Used and new theater seating upholstery.

Link: The Absecon Mills Shire fabric line. Used and new theater seating upholstery.

Link: The Leather-ette upholstery line. Used and new theater seating upholstery.

Hollywood Seating Seats and Chairs
We keep black and red in stock. But there are many more colors
to choose from! Click on pictures to see more

home theater seating fabric sherpa......Home theater seating fabric shire

Celebrity Seating sells theater chairs for everything from Large Auditoriums to Home Theater Seating.

Installation Instructions: (Follow this link...)
Theater Seating Installation Instructions for the True Rocker Style Seating

Comparisons of theater seating model dimensions. The Galaxy Rocker and The Cinema Star with the Crown Jewel Rocker and the Star Delight Rocker.

Link: Click to see The Alden Theater Seating Specifications Page which includes back-to-back spacing chart, installation drill pattern drawing, diagram of seating eye level / sight lines, etc.

Home Theater Seating layout help From Celebrity Seating

Regarding your project...

If we know the answers to a few of the questions shown below, then we will be better able to help...

You Companies Name:

Voice Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

Street / Physical Address:

Shipping Address of the seating project:

Model of theater-style chair you are interested in:

Is there a chair you saw that you like already?


Regarding the chairs order:

What is the row configuration of the chairs, that is needed?

Will the chairs be on a sloped or level floor?

Are there risers?

What is the riser made of?

What is the thickness of the floor?

Concrete needs to be 3” thick.

Will the chairs be mounted into wood, concrete, tile?

What 'upgrades' are you interested in?

Cup holders armrests?

Fully upholstered armrests?

Fully upholstered chairs?

Special fabric?

Aisle lighting?

Aisle lettering / seat numbering?

When are the chairs needed by?

Would you consider re-manufactured or refurbished seating?

How many chairs?

What is the use of your chairs?

What is the overall size of the room?

Where are the doors?

Where is the screen?

What is the size of t he seating area?

What is the back to back spacing needed?

Again, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you with free seating layout information.

Free theater seating layout help and advice from Celebrity Seating.

Link: Click this sentence to see the Used Theater Seating that is currently available for sale! at our sister website: ... and save up to 70% over buying new theater seating!

Below is a drawing showing the overall width of our Star Delight Rocker new theater seating, by the way, the Star Delight Rocker and the Freedom Rocker are the same width, so you can use this drawing to determine the width of Star Delight Rocker, and Freedom Rocker new theater seating.
new theater seats