Theater seating that is perfect for your movie room

Because Celebrity Seating theater seats are real commercial grade, authentic, movie cinema chairs. These movie chairs were specifically engineered and designed for viewing movies! And built to last for many years.
A theater in your home? Home theaters are gaining popularity as flat screen TV’s are dropping in price. So if you were to put authentic movie cinema seats in your personal home theater setting, you would then have a real mini-theater in your own home! What a great idea, actual movie theater seats as home theater seating. Here is the best trampoline for kids.
Now we´re talking! A REAL theater in the home!!

Celebrity Seating theater seats share these features:

  • A cup holder built into the chairs armrest
  • A shared armrest between each seat
  • A flip up seat cushion

In addition many of the new theater seats feature:

  • Lift-up cup holder armrests!
  • Rocking lounger backs!
  • Lumbar support!

Super comfortable, high quality, commercial grade cushioning!