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New theater seating is guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects. See details below.

Our theater seating is manufactured using the highest quality standards in the new theater seating market today, achieving not only comfort, but also excellent durability.
New theater seating is guaranteed for 5 years from date of ourchase, against manufacturing defects. This warranty is limited, see details below.

> Polyurethane Foam: Our top quality polyurethane foam cushioning has flame retardant agents added to meet Cal-117 (California Technical Bulletin 117) standards (the strictest in the USA). This makes our seat cushioning both comfortable, and safe. We have several theater seating models to choose from, this will help you make your auditorium theater seating area look unique and exclusive. As with all foam cushions that are compressed by regular use, any scratch or rip in the upholstery covers may cause humidity and/or dirt to spread through to the cushions, and this is not considered to be due to any manufacturing defects. It is important to replace the seat cover, to avoid damaging the cushion.

>Steel Structure: Our NEW THEATER SEATING is one of the strongest theater seats that you can buy in today's market, due to its high gauge steel structure, which is manufactured under very strict quality control standards. The steel frame is powder coated using an electrostatic process with epoxy paint at up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), giving the seats steel frame and components extra protection. The seating's steel can, however, be bent or broken if it encounters: pressure, if unnecessary forces are applied, if the steel has been allowed to rust, if liquids are not dried off, or if powder coating is cracked or scratched during installation, or regular use, humidity may rust the exposed metal and spread through surrounding area. This is considered a causative effect of damage and not a manufacturing issue.

>Plastic: The plastic parts used in your NEW THEATER SEATING are high quality, high impact polypropylene injection molded components. Some high quality plastic components may be textured and that texture can be damaged by repeated cleaning, and/or through the natural course of wear, and this is not a warranty issue. Plastic may also break if counter forces are applied.

>Rocker or Swing Mechanism: Our tilt mechanism has been tested and exceeds ANSI/BIFMA rigid requirements, as tested it can withstand more than 300,000 cycles. These mechanisms are pre- assembled according to the widths required by the seating layout. Any modifications to the width of mechanisms outside of available widths, including forcing of mechanisms of the seat will void the warranty. This will also be true if the mechanisms are damaged by corrosive agents or lack of proper cleaning.

>Powder Coating: The metal structure of the seating is powder coated with thermoplastic, micro-sprayed epoxy paint, oven baked up to400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). The paint has been tested for strength of adherence and for durability, and if the powder coating is cracked or scratched during installation or regular use, then humidity may rust the exposed metal, and the rust may spread through the surrounding area. This is not a manufacturing issue but rather consequential damage. Regular maintenance is recommended.

>Hot Stamping: The natural fading or scrapping of hot stamping logos are considered normal wear and tear and not a cause for replacement.

>Assembling Hardware: Hardware must be specified by customer as indoor or outdoor use for warranty purposes. The warranty may be revised subject to these conditions and may vary depending on the conditions of installation. (Outdoor hardware is available).

>Seat Bottom Mechanism: Our seat bottom mechanisms are manufactured to avoid significant maintenance, due to its gravity lift system. Regular cleaning is recommended while avoiding use of solvents or corrosive agents. According to ANSI BIFMA X5.1-2002 TEST №11, our mechanism meets the criteria of more than 100,000 cycles with no damage.

>Seat Back: The back of our theater seat has been laboratory tested, withstanding over 120,000 cycles required by ANSI BIFMA X5.1-2002 TEST №15, however warranty will be void if unnecessary forces are applied that are not intended.

>Flip Up Arm Mechanism: The articulated arms of our seats are manufactured with a steel gauge framewoork capable of withstanding intense use, however, warranty will be void if counter forces are applied, or the arms are used for a purpose other than intended, such as; someone sitting on or standing on them. This includes damage by corrosive agents and lack of, or insufficient, cleaning.

>Wood Accessories: Wood accessories are guaranteed for 1 year. Our wood accessories are top quality, with options for a variety of wonderful wood laminate choices, either stained or thermoformed accessories that make the look of our seat elegant and exclusive. Nevertheless as with most wood products, these can be damaged if mistreated. In order to not void the warranty we recommend handling with care, since scratches, paint scap or any damage caused by any object is not considered a manufacturing defect. Please be aware that in the same production order or spare part orders, stain colors or laminate colors may vary, so we cannot guarantee the following: exact match, wood stain colors, laminate colors, wood grain or thermoformed items as well as matching colors.

Note: Warranty is for new theater seating only. Celebrity Seating Inc. is not a manufacturer. Rather Celebrity Seating is an authorized distributor and representative of the manufacturers whose products they sell. The actual manufacturer of the new theater seating, is who warranty’s the new theater seating that they specifically manufacturer. Manufacturing liability lies with each particular new theater seating manufacturer. Contact us for specific information regarding the manufacturer of the particular theater seats that you ordered from us at Celebrity Seating. We will be happy to answer your warranty questions.

The following items are not manufactured by Celebrity Seating, or by the new theater seating manufacturer(s):
>Embroidery: Although this item contributes to the value and look of the seat, we do not guarantee it against any issue, as yarns may fade or get stained.
>Aluminum Plates: The supplier offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects of its number and letter plates.
>Aisle Lights: Warranty is subject to the manufacturer.
>Upholstery: This product is not manufactured by Celebrity Seating, or by the new theater-seating manufacturer(s) so the warranty is subject to the particular upholstery manufacturer:
Vinyl also known as leatherette, or simulated leather, or faux leather , and currently has a 1 year warranty where as the fabric upholstery currently has a 3 year warranty from the specific manufacturers. Leather is a natural product and as such small imperfections in pattern, color and material are not covered. We highly recommended that you request cleaning instruction in writting from your sales representative at Celebrity Seating for the leatherette, fabric, and leather upholstery. Regular stretching of fabric or vinyl is not considered a manufacturing defect unless the suppliers testing shall determine otherwise. Supplier also highly recommends regular cleaning of the vinyl and fabric product with primarily water; always refer to cleaning guide for additional recommendations.
Note regarding upholstery: Regarding SUPPLIERS SUGGESTED BY THE CUSTOMER, WARRANTY WILL BE SUBJECT TO REVISION. Customers Own Material (COM) is possible, but the warranty will be subject to determination by Celebrity Seating, or by the new theater-seating manufacturer, subject to revision.

This warranty is void under but not limited to the following conditions:

Vandalism and abuse: Rips, scratches, counter forces, damage by sharp objects, damage from matches or lighters, jumping or standing on seats.

Misuse and abuse: The product will be considered misused if it is installed under a non-controlled environment or temperature not specified to us by the customer. The product will be considered misused if there has been the use of chemicals and corrosive agents, poor, inadequate or lack of cleaning altogether, if product is exposed to UV rays, humidity or any other climate conditions not specified in advance to us by the customer. Sitting or standing on any part of the seating which is not specifically intended for sitting purposes, such as but not limited to: tables, arms, seatback, etc. will be considered misuse.

Note: Handling your product with care is important. Avoid dropping of boxes or stacking them in the incorrect position.


Warranty only applies to new theater seating sold to customers within the 48 contigous United States of America.

Celebrity Seating Inc. is an Authorized distributor of Mobiliario Seating (based in Mexico) and Dolphin Seating (based in USA).
The new theater seating sold by Celebrity Seating Inc. is made in North America (Mexico) and in China. An Origin of Manufacturing declaration is available upon request.
Please ask us which private label / model names of Celebrity Seating Inc.’s seating models correspond with the respective theater seating manufacturers model names. I.E. Celebrity Seating’s Angel Plus new theater seating is the same as Mobiliario Seating’s Angela Plus new theater seating model.
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