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The Alden Fixed Back Theater Seating Specification Page.

Dimensions and specifications for the Celebrity Seating Alden fixed back chair.
These specifications are also basically the same as
Mobiliario Seating's Convention theater seating, fixed back.

Note: The chairs specified below are Alden theater seats with a width of 22 1/8" and a height of 38 1/2", unless stated otherwise.

Theater Seating Alden basic specs

Theater Seating Alden side view specs

Theater Seating Alden floor drilling template specs

Theater Seating Alden sample floor plan seating layout specs

The above 30-seat layout is drawn with a 46" back-to-back spacing. This is a generous spacing allowing much legroom and egress distance. ("Egress distance" is the space between the front of one chair, and the back of the chair in front of it. In other words the egress space is the space in front of the chair, the space you pass through, while you are scooting down into the row.)
The back-to-back spacing can be much tighter, if need be.
For example: Allowing for a 12-inch egress, and if…
If you use The Alden chair with a 38 ˝" height and a cup holder on the arm rest (resulting in a 27 1/8" seat up envelope) then back to back spacing can be as little as 39 1/8" (12" + 27 1/8").
If you use The Alden chair with a 38 ˝" height and no cup holder (resulting in a 22 1/8" seat up envelope) the back-to-back spacing can be as little as 34 1/8" (12" + 22 1/8").

Theater Seating Alden sample floor plan seating layout specs

The Alden fixed back theater chair is available in 4 widths and 2 heights.
The 4 widths available are: 19 1/8", 20 1/8", 21 1/8", and 22 1/8". These widths are measured from center of armrest to center of armrest.
Note: The center-to-center foot drill hole location is affected by such tings as: whether you are installing a center leg, an end leg, or an ADA compliant leg.
The 2 heights are: 35" and 38 1/2". :

Mounting the legs onto your floor. If screwing or bolting the chairs feet to plywood, we recommend a minimum of 2 sheets of 3/4-inch plywood, making
up a thickness of 1 1/2-inches. Floor anchors need to be purchased locally. If installing the chairs on to a concrete floor, then concrete anchors need to be used.
Place the foot on top of carpet. You may want to cut out a small plug out of the carpeting from where you are putting the floor anchor.
This way you do not get a run in the carpet when you are drilling.

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